Whats Goood!

Alto Pablo

Fun Facts:


Alto Pablo is a local Austinite from South Austin, Texas.

A Creator, Song Writer, Lyricist, Music Lover.


"I love making Hip Hop songs. I believe Music is powerful. It's said that Music is a universal language. I would agree. Frequencies and Vibes are a way to intercommunicate and have the power to affect your life. I choose to create positivity. People matter." 


With plans of Creating more Music, Movies, and other projects, Alto Pablo is Fueled by Life itself and is ready for Action!


        "Plan what you can, all else is Faith." 

                                      - Alto Pablo

Roll Models:

Bob Marley, 2Pac, Nipsey Hussle.

Yes or No?:


"Alto Pablo",,, Yes, But WHAT DOES IT MEEEAN?!?

Alto Pablo means a couple of different things:


  • I guess anything above 6 feet is considered tall, so En Espanol, Tall can be Alto.

  • I've been told I'm loud in general when I talk, it definitely depends but Yaya soy Alto. And the Loud _\|/_.,, Potent Pablo lol.

  • Alto Pablo can kinda be seen as an alter ego type deal. Basically, in life, I have choices. I haven't always felt I've made the right choice, as Pablo. Alto Pablo would be righteous Pablo. My own superhero in a way. An ideal version of myself that I get to live out. Life is beautiful. 

How it all began:

The year was 2012.

   Just a High School Football player who loves HipHop and Rap Music...and smokin' bud. 

   One day, a good friend of mine invited me to record a song at his uncle's studio. I had never stepped in a recording booth or even wrote a rap. Unfortunately, I don't have access to my first song ever recorded. But I enjoyed the experience so much that I wanted to write another song. 

   I continued to get positive feedback on my songs from people. The feeling of creating music and jamming the s*** out of it on my way to school was blissful. 

   Since that day, when I recorded my first verse, my life changed. They say you'll know when you've found what you're destined to do. I know. I can feel my inner compass pushing me towards it and I can feel it pulling me. 

   I Flow to the beat of my own drum. Every day going deeper and deeper into my true self. Discovering more and more. Learning about myself, training myself, exploring realms and emotions that arise and trying to understand why I feel and act in such a way. Exploring my own mind is a trip. Life continues to amaze. 

    I'm learning to listen to my soul when it speaks. 

   The writing process is a spiritual process. You start with a blank paper and from nothing, something becomes. 

   I believe everyone should write. Not necessarily write rap lyrics, but everyone should write. Its a way of exploring your own mind. A way of becoming more aware, more conscious. Writing has enabled me to analyze and solved many problems in my life. The best part about it,,, it's free. Well, it requires a little bit of Time. Best Time I've ever invested. 

         With Love Always,

                                   Alto Pablo